I graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in June 1980 with honors and the Clinical Excellency Award.  I am a Fellow of Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering, a Chiropractor Certified in Spinal Trauma, a Certified AMA Permanent Spinal Disability Examiner, and a Certified Active Release Technique® provider and instructor.

I also hold the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Civil Air Patrol, and am the past Commander of the Scott M. Burgess Composite Squadron of Lansing Michigan, past Commander of the Ionia Composite Squadron of Ionia, Michigan, and past Group Commander for Central Michigan.  I am a qualified  Mission Pilot, and Ground Team Leader.

I retired after 13 years as the Chancelor Choir Director for the First Congregational Church of St. Johns, MI, and in the recent past directed a Christmas season community choir, the Victorian Voices.   When the opportunity arises I sing in a men’s group, the Silo Singers, and play drums or guitar in church.  I have sung solos in many theatrical productions and weddings.

My hobbies include flying, hunting and fishing, writing software programs, playing drums, guitar, and singing, and have recently completed my first book, a science fiction novel called, Survive! Marooned on Planet Tau Ceti g. You can get a free sample and/or purchase the book (hard cover, soft cover, or e-book) from almost any online dealer.

My desire is to inform the public as to what chiropractic and in particular Active Release Technique® may be able to do to relieve human suffering, and enhance athletic performance for those who strive to be the best in their field.

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