Are you ready for DNA targeted nutrition?

I just started recommending a nutrition program that is based on an individual’s DNA. According to scientific literature (University of California, Berkley) vitamins specifically formulated and targeted to a persons damaged genes can actually affect and correct gene expression.

Since your DNA (genes sequences) contol everything from the color of your hair and eyes to how tall you may become, it’s not hard to understand that the expression of your genes may affect how your body reacts to environmental stimuli, ie. staying healthy when exposed to toxins, germs, and other disease causing agents. If your genes are damaged as a result of exposure to environmental causes, or you inherited defective genes from your parents, your body is not going to work properly. This nutritional supplement targets the defective genes directly to correct the expression of those genes.

A simple cheek swab gathers your DNA. You (or your patient/client if you are a health professional) send it to the lab. The lab sends you (or your patient/client) a report of what genes are defective, and can formulate a supplement (there are over 500,000 unique formulations) that target those defective genes so they get what they need to express their true potential. We now have another tool for our tool belt to corner the market on wellness.

For those of you who are concerned about DNA privacy issues, elect to receive the report at home instead of your doctor’s office.

This has got to be one of the greatest discoveries in nutrition since the discovery of vitamins!

You do not have to be a health professional to promote, use, or sell this product.

Please visit my website at , and select the ‘Nutrition” button on the left for more information.

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